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Sisters Enterprise Elinora Reynolds and Betty Funderburke non for profit.

There are corners of the world, that seem to be quiet, devoid of attention. Time to time we hear of whispers chanting softly of names here and there. But as I live and breathe, those whispers that I have been hearing have been getting louder; two names in the streets. They are Elinora Reynolds and Betty Funderburke, angels on earth. These 2 sisters have formed Sisters Enterprise to structure their giving to date, because their hearts were so big, they had to venture out with a more massive outreach. One that spreads and spans much further around the globe. 2 hearts still glowing in an effort to illuminate the world around them.

Late night Lantern in moonlight

Well okay. Who Are they?

It’s hard to know where to begin when one starts pondering on their work, two humble sister’s out of Kansas City Missouri with humble beginnings. Perhaps to understand the sister’s you’ll have to take a look back at their roots, I found it a relevant reflection to comprehend.

They were raised by Elinora Leanna Reynolds & James Eugene Reynolds Sr., 2 of the youngest. They were 2 of 9 other siblings growing up in “The Show Me” state. They were raised in the church, and their parents made sure that they learned right from wrong, in order to prepare them for the hardships this world had to offer. They saw it first hand. Growing up, there was hardship all around. Friends and family, also neighbors and strangers abroad came across their front steps. Their parents never turning a needy person away, and yes, love’s contagious, and as you can see, no doubt, it seemed to rub off on both girls going into the future. And even though they went through several hardships all their own growing up in KC, even enduring not 1, but 2, house fires where ALL had been lost forcing them to start over, their parents never stopped dishing out their continual acts of love. It was a beautiful awakening, and two roses fully bloomed freshly blossomed straight from the concrete.

Rose beautiful flower summer dew blossom

Going back a bit further

Their father was many years ahead of his time, a brilliant man. Even with what should seem a limitation, because with book learning, he was limited to a third grade education when forced to leave school, meanwhile being forced to take care of the family, he grew up quite fast. And though the Sisters grew up through an era of several hardships in challenging times, he had been through much worse in his life as a child growing up, he’d had a hard life, and had indeed had much more trauma inflicted upon him in his time here on earth.

It’s true the sisters lived and survived through the time of Martin Luther King Jr., his assassination and riots in the streets, Jim Crow laws, and other chaotic non sense of the like. They’d endured much more too, but admired their father as he survived being forced to sit and observe his own father’s murder, more dreadful and yes, by far, a more sinister story.

What happened? His father lost his head when he was but a lad himself. Racism being the cause, the world they lived in, we know, was not at all a kind one. And it’s no surprise that of course this insidious act of evil would invoke a change within him that would change and transform the world of a boy forever. Never to be the same again.

Monstrosities Manifested

It’s a mystery how something so tender and good can be tainted, as poison ensnares, and can trap, and can whither a person away. And In reality, bitterness should have eclipsed his heart, and no doubt blackened it forever. But by some small yet infinite bit of magic, that wasn’t what happened. He lived on to become a hard man, and who was respected, yet still with compassion. Maybe enough to fill up this world as we know it. And blessed with success.

Nonetheless, maybe he and his lovely wife didn’t change the “WHOLE” world with his altruistic works and selfless deeds, instead it seems he left us with his seeds, 2 small girls, who would continue the legacy on, beyond the seas, if God will let them. But their going to need some help from you and me.

A beautiful awakening

15 years ago they had a dream; a manifestation. Not long after that, the “Enterprise” was born. And created by Sisters. Since then, they’ve helped many people around the globe, with food and rent, and doing surprising acts of kindness in the community, something that certainly always has given them joy.

Mountainous beauty lady of nature

Yeah but who’s noticed?

They have been seen, and they have been recognized by the state of Colorado, and the governor applauded them for their selfless acts of kindness, and the difference that they’ve made in peoples lives, as their parents before. Elinora Leanna Reynolds, their beloved mother had been in politics also. She and James were very good friends with the mayor too, and during the riots, there was madness and pandemonium out in the streets. He sent a limo. And he brought the family to safety and came to their aid, and now they do the same. They would like to come to the aid of many other’s in need of their help, but they simply can’t do it alone, they will need your assistance.

And what I believe is if we all reach out to the world, one heart at a time, we can all make a difference. I am hoping they’ve warmed your hearts like they’ve also warmed mine.

Please leave a donation.

And may God bless the sisters in all that they do.

“What can I say of two ladies, names that most of us don’t even know? When I hear about the deeds that they’ve done, what they do on a daily. I find that I’m humbled, nearly speechless. There’s nothing left to say but there’s lots to do. Dig deep, and I know that we all, if we choose so, can do our part.”

Dec. 30th, 2019

6:27 AM

Sisters Enterprise

Angels on earth. Sisters Betty and Elinora With Mother The late Mrs. Elinora L. Reynolds Winged angels Sisters Enterprise. This is my story.

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