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Ready to set off on autopilot and change trajectory now? First you may be wondering what that is. Autopilot, what’s that? It’s where one begins making money for things that they’ve done in the past, but it now requires no work at all and you keep getting paid in the future. Passive income.

Now one of the simplest ways to do this, launching your journey on autopilot, is simply by using a program known as Swagbucks. And you guys will love it, we hope you agree.

……(Who’s got swag)……

Cute kid in stylish hat. Vertical blue stripes. horizontal Red and black diagonal striped strap and buckle. Fashion statement Who's got swag Swagbucks 101. Passive income with autopilot Make money while sleeping rewards for a lifetime. Tutorial Review.

So basically, Swagbucks is a reward program that pays you for all of the regular stuff that you’re doing already online. Now I’m sure you are wondering how to get started with this so just follow along; Go to the site, and I will help and lead the way. It’s easy to do.

Your Discovery Channel

The coolest thing about Swagbucks is that if you have more than one email account, you can actually open up more than one account the first time you get started. And you can also refer all your friends, and I will encourage you do that right now. Why? Because EVERYTHING; literally everything they do online here on out, for life, you’ll get paid for. And with being a user myself, I can safely now certify you will enjoy it and profit from Swagbucks as well.

So first off if you go in with 2 accounts there’s one thing you must do. If you want to work both accounts at the very same time you’ll need two separate browsers. So the ones that we currently use are gonna be Firefox browser and Chrome, so open each browser. (Or simply open one, for one account only). Go to the address. Now what you’ll want to do is to set up one account first, at a time. That way you can go into “that” one account to go pick up your link. Use the one account as a referral for the second, that’s really important. So you’ll want to do so, remember, take note.

Set up an account so that you can login

Takes 25 secondsWe checked.

Setup a Swagbucks account. Takes 25 seconds. Login screen page. Passive income with autopilot on Swagbucks. Make money while sleeping rewards for a lifetime. Tutorial Review

So set up the account and open word processing up like Word. And you’ll want to save your credentials so that all of your info’s backed up, & put this document some place that’s safe so it doesn’t get lost. Next comes the fun part. This is where you start getting into the money! First in the account, you have something at your disposal called a “Swagbutton” that you can use. You will really, want to install this right at the beginning, and I’ll tell you why. When you’re surfing on the web the button will “Activate” by itself. Then you’ll simply push the button and money will ACTIVATE, straight away. Oh, and simply by adding the swagbutton in your account and completing the install, it gets you a dollar (Or 100 swagbucks). When your referrals add the swagbutton, you’ll get a dollar for that action on top of that! Also every referral you add gets you 300 swagbucks or 3 USD. But they’ll have to reach their first 300 Swagbucks before you will get it. So FYI & full disclosure there. You can trust when I say to you now, that anybody who knows how to do this will soar through that quickly. That is the other thing that I will show you through upcoming tips. Stay tuned and down below, I’ll disclose that next. (Of course this is also during the time that this blog was created so don’t wait too long if you’d like to go try) (I make no promises that these promotions will last).

……*****Refer & Earn*****……

Refer your friends and colleagues earn money for free. Passive income with Swagbucks on autopilot. Make money while sleeping rewards to your bank for a lifetime. Tutorial Review

Promptly install your needed Swagbutton by clicking at bottom to right –

……..If you’re here in this screen..……

Earn money for free. Passive income with Swagbucks on autopilot. Earn money while sleeping and get your rewards for a lifetime when using SwagButton. Refer, make more money. Tutorial Review

^^- Both Tweet & Facebook Sharable -^^

**- for all your friends -**

So once you’re in your account, you’ll notice there’s tons of options and tons of things that you can do. Before you begin, the first thing that you want to do, is visit the tab that you’ll find in the menu at left, labeled daily poll. And everyday here, this action gets you a free swagbuck. It’s easy to do. Simply go to the left side menu, and find the word “home”, if you’re not there already, and navigate there. Then you’ll scroll down on the menu to your daily to do list that’s there. Once you are in the location, you’ll want to locate the words “daily poll”. Simply click on the poll and answer the simple question. What’s that? Oh you’re done?! Easy peazy!

….“Home” & Home Menu top left….

Earn money for free. Passive income with Swagbucks on autopilot. Make money while sleeping, rewards for a lifetime. The home screen is shown where more money is earned, get free gift cards and money today. Tutorial Review

………….Your Daily To Do List………….

Swagbucks to do list. Free daily money and gift cards. Refer to friends make money while you sleep with passive income. Autopilot. Tutorial Review

………….Your Daily Poll………….

Your Daily Poll. Free daily money and gift cards. Refer to friends make money while you sleep with passive income. Autopilot. Daily poll from main menu. Click to go in. Tutorial Review
Motorcycle picture. Your Daily Poll. Free daily money and gift cards. Refer to friends make money while you sleep with passive income on Autopilot. Tutorial Review

The next things on the list are gonna be “Deal of the Day”, so click that. Once you go in, if there’s an option, you’ll just want to add one item to cart. There is no need to purchase the item, because you are done! I know. Pretty hard am I right? LOL.

………….Your Deal of the Day………….

Swagbucks deal of the day. Free daily money and gift cards. Refer to friends make money while you sleep with passive income. Autopilot. Tutorial Review

..Adding your “Deal of the Day” into your cart..

 Swagbucks Tutorial Review

….Go “Home” from “Deal of the Day”….

Swagbucks going to home screen from deal of the day. This is free daily money and gift cards. Refer to friends make money while you sleep with passive income. Autopilot. Tutorial Review

Then you do daily search, if the option is there, cause they do move it often. In the very top left hand corner of the screen; Just click into the box. It doesn’t matter what you search, simply populate the box by adding something. And get yourself paid!

Find “Daily search” in the “To Do List” or simply just click in the search box located up top.

 Swagbucks Tutorial Review


..Sometimes they just throw you a Swagbuck surprise..

 Swagbucks Tutorial Review

……..Collect your Swagbucks……..

 Swagbucks Tutorial Review

And that brings us to the next things on the list. Now mind you guys, you can do this EVERY DAY and collect these same swagbucks, just takes like 5 minutes! And with spending NO MONEY at all you’ll find that you can have 20, 30 or 40 dollars or more at month end! EVERY MONTH! And yeah, that’s simply just from doing the things that I show you right here and some surveys as well to boot. There is really no limit to what you can build with account.

How to use the printer. Guarding the printer.

Now the next thing that I show you is going to be the most crucial to do. Everyday you can go and clip some coupons, it just takes a second so pull out the scissors. LOL. We’re only kidding. No scissors allowed. It’s really quite simple. It’s only a couple of clicks to be done with your mouse and you’re well on your way. (Process detailed below)

Now the way this works is you can do up to 50 per day and get paid. You get 1 Swag buck per coupon JUST FOR CLIPPING. You don’t have to use it. If you do however use the coupons in question then they’ll hook you up! You’ll get 25, count them, 25 swagbucks, for every one you can redeem! Plus, the coupon savings given and offered as well. So keep that in mind as you go through the process below and complete the next part. Simply keep your receipts, snap a picture or scan them all down, and upload to account. And then you will be done, you’ll receive your Swagbucks! So yeah, let’s begin, because we haven’t proceeded to clip anything as of yet.

Scissors - getting the scissors

-We’re starting up at the upper, left hand, of your menu again (on your main menu), and we’re zeroing in, with your eyes, going down to the item there labeled “Discover”. Click Discover.

-Under this option, you’ll look on the left of the screen. You’ll see “Grocery Coupons” that’s on the same menu.

-We’ll click this as well and then proceed to the very next screen (this screen may have a pop up). (Always remember to exit right out of the pop ups or you’ll lose your place (at least at the beginning)).

-Look to your main screen right now and you should see all your coupons displayed.

-Simply scroll down to the bottom and there is no need to just click on one coupon. Why? Because we’re just going to go grab them all with one click of a button.

-So now we’re just going to scroll down to the bottom to jump in the process. Lets begin.

**Click on “Discover” that sits on the menu at left**

 Swagbucks Tutorial Review

*Click on “Grocery Coupons” sitting at left on Discover menu*

 Swagbucks Tutorial Review

** Behold **

Coupons have materialized before your eyes. –

 Swagbucks Tutorial Review

Click on “show more coupons” then the others will appear. Go to the bottom, rinse wash and repeat, we’ll just do this again and again till we’re done. Once we get down to the bottom of the list, check the box for clip all. You should suddenly see all coupons were done at one time. The first time you do this, Swagbucks prompts you to get a phone number verification to make sure it’s you. They send a text, just simply respond with the code that they gave you and you’re good to go. But before that you’ll push the red button to clip all your goodies. You’re off to the races, let’s roll!

** Click on “Show More Coupons” at the bottom **

– Again & again till the option runs out –

 Swagbucks Tutorial Review

– Clip all of the coupons with the option-

 Swagbucks Tutorial Review

..Just scroll up a bit to see your red button & view your full message..

 Swagbucks Tutorial Review


How to use the printer Print Coupons get paid. Swagbucks Tutorial Review

**Provide some verification. Show you’re not a robot**

 Swagbucks Tutorial Review
Removing the printer Print to PDF No need to use ink

Now we come to the most important part. That’s printing the coupons. What’s that you said? You don’t have a printer around? No printer no problem. Why? Because each and everyday you can simply save them as PDF, & on a PC, select your Microsoft XPS Document printer instead. Then name the file. This printer saves things so that you can just print them out later! 🙂 Do this everyday. And 50 Swagbucks can & will be yours!

**Print to Microsoft XPS Document Printer**

 Swagbucks Tutorial Review

**Switch to PDF for more common format**

 Swagbucks Tutorial Review

*** Save as PDF ***

 Swagbucks Tutorial Review

****Identify your file****

 Swagbucks Tutorial Review

***** Sweet Success!! *****

 Swagbucks Tutorial Review

You did it!

Success with blue printer business man gets it done in celebration. Teal blue background

So moving on forward, these are things you do on a daily, and with 2 accounts, you can get $20.00 or so just like that. There’s no need to spend any money for this to occur, but WHO DOESN’T SPEND MONEY? Everybody these days shops Amazon and Ebay am I right? Guess what. They’re 2 of a million companies Swagbucks pays you out for JUST BECAUSE! And when they do, some MAJOR dollars can be collected by you. Example? At the time of this blogs creation, they have things that are in there right now. We have Hello Fresh, the fresh food & produce and meals service lots of us use. If you happen to be online and decide to get it, GET $55 BUCKS! Plus 80 off of the product you’ve purchased itself, in US Dollars, 28 bucks for Hulu, & PLETHERA’s more.

$55 USD for picking up “Hello Fresh” package

Swagbucks gives $55 USD when buying the "Hello Fresh" package. Plus save $80! Use Swagbucks make money!

***$28 USD for checking out Hulu? ***

Get Hulu through Swagbucks GET PAID Swag Tutorial Review

You can play games, watch vids, do surveys and just watch the money stack up day by day. I DID! And with your referrals, you don’t have to work it AT ALL, you’ll get paid all the same. How much? You get 10% of all your referrals earnings, and I mean for LIFE! Every time they spend a dollar, you get paid. So what’s not to like?

….$48.38 for Gamers?!!….

Play video games and make money! You have to use Swagbucks. Passive income when friends sign on too. Refer and earn also! Friends can sign on and make money too!

^^Watch some videos.^^

**Have some fun & Make some money**

Watching videos you can login and make money for free! You have to use Swagbucks. Passive income when friends sign on too. Refer and earn also! Friends can sign on and make money too!

And this is just one of the MANY ways that you sit and watch money roll in. With many referrals, it’s scary to see, what one can achieve with the implementation. And with it saving us currency daily alone, it is worth what you’ll have.

So before we leave you hanging, why don’t we go through the list & review:

-First off you logon to Swagbucks
-Make sure to set it all up if you haven’t already
-Don’t forget to install your brand new Swagbutton straight away also
-Then you go in and tend to your to do list “like deal of the day”
-Looks like you’re done with the regular stuff so now we’ll clip some coupons
-Done with clipping coupons, let’s do some surveys cause we can get paid!

-We can do some shopping, it’s no rush the swagbutton’s there.
-Now you’re our newest Swag scholar, I do certify and I declare.

Now please guys, tell me this takes more than 5 or 6 minutes a day of your time…

we’re just sayin. 🙂

Swagbucks has given away lots of money! Make money today on autopilot. You like passive income? Swagbucks may be what you have been missing. Swagbucks Tutorial Review

I hope you’re empowered. Share this & remember to not be stingy with good information. We just love empowering readers in every way. So give this a try. And remember until the next one.

Stay inspired.

Published January 29, 2020

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