Five Hidden Secrets For Making Great Credit

Five Hidden Secrets & Nuggets of Wisdom for Making Great Credit

How to both get it & keep it up as well

  1. The first is the very most obvious. It’s paying all debts & on time, and it doesn’t have to be that complicated to make this happen. There are times when things occur in life that no one can plan for beforehand, and as long as you stay in contact with all of your companies throughout these crisis, there are economic hardship options to help with things no one’s expected. Many companies even have options where you can defer payments out for a year, meaning you won’t be responsible for those bills for the time inbetween. And when money’s back to normal, you’ll pay once again. We have lots of options. Remember, empower yourself with this knowledge to keep accounts good.
  2. It’s better to have a number of credit lines active and things being paid on. Why? If you have no credit then you’ll have to first build it yourself. If you’re new, just know you’ll need to have some income for qualification, other than that, you’ll want to have uninterrupted income for 6 months at least. There are many many places where one can get started beginning their quest. As after the fact, you can have lots of fun finding where to start shopping. The options are endless!
  3. It’s best to have some tools to stay ahead of yourself on this journey, and there happens to be a number of tools available at our disposal. The best ones that are available are free! Take for instance, there are two companies now that allow you to go get your “Fico scores” free! Furthermore, they also show your reports as well which gives users great value and allows for users to stay in control of their financial reputations. Meanwhile many of us unequipped in the world are surprised when our lenders do checks (checks that many times you’ll find, they’ll refuse to show you).

These companies names?

Credit Karma:

  • The first ones Credit karma – which is great for all things named above. Many people don’t know that things pop up on their credit that shouldn’t be there. All the tools that we name herein will give an option for user dispute. It is ALL quite user friendly & the user’s empowered throughout.

-FYI: Taxes are now done free with Credit Karma! Good to know. Why should anyone throw away money when we just don’t have to? Let tax time be free!

Credit Sesame:

  • The second is Credit Sesame – which stands out apart from the first because we’re in a day and age where we have thieves and con people that lurk, and they seek out identities daily that they can steal with intent to cause problems. Credit Sesame not only is free for users worldwide to use, and not only takes only 60 seconds for users to make their account, but they also have an insurance that’s included as well free of charge. Users have $50,000.00 of coverage secured. Many people don’t know. So users should print the documentation for the coverage and keep it all safe. Back it up, and archive this policy with all your others. It’s very important. Sense it’s free, many users forget that it’s there. Don’t make this mistake. This asset is great, and you never do know when it just may come in handy.

Experian Boost:

  • The third is “Experian Boost which is one of the most unique assets released here to date for a couple of reasons. This one allows you to get an “IMMEDIATE” boost in your score upon first activation, and believe it or not, this tool is also FREE! How do you get it? Simply go in and create a free user account and instantiate “Boost” which works by adding your cell phone bill, utility bill and water bill also. You can add the ones you know you’ve paid on time and you know you’ll pay often. Boost will automatically boost your credit the moment that you set this up!

4. As stated before, remember a users empowered with tools they can use. They can go inside of these tools and dispute their accounts for inaccurate findings. Once they do, the credit bureaus will make any changes all parties deem fit. This will assist you in keeping a profile squeaky clean the way we would desire. But it’s up to us to initiate starting this first.

-FYI: Keep in mind that you’ll have to do each of the “3 bureaus” separately (very important).

-Note: Remember that the bureaus don’t talk to each other that’s why it’s essential.

5. The fifth thing is to keep your debt ratios down to a certain percentage. What percent? Of available credit you’ll want to keep what you use balanced out. Keep it at 50% or lower to keep your score HIGH. For example, if your limit for a card is $1000.00, use less than 500. And it’s best to pay this all the way down to zero on every paid month. It is totally acceptable if you can’t do that, but do remember, if you set it up this way, eliminate doubt, your accounts will look GREAT. And look forward to having your credit scores shoot thru the roof!

Advantages of a high and healthy score set

Why is it so important to keep your scores in a healthy state? Simply put, it can save you millions over a life time, and so much more. It can allow you to get needed funding on the spot when you need OR desire, and the best illustration that we can conjure up is of those starting out. For example, students are normally new to these concepts that we’ve been discussing and simply are NOT TAUGHT IN THE MAIN SCHOOLS by default.

Main stream government motives

What’s more intriguing, these are secrets, it seems, the government system will hide because they will lose money & the debts that we incur are directly linked to the power they have. How does this happen? Our countries negotiation power and financial status, is due in fact to amounts of the taxes it’s citizens have. And it’s credit is based off of taxes that it will expect to receive in the future. That means taxes on everything out there including your interest on all student loans. We can do some easy math and watch figures add up; Astronomical-sums. How do we minimize the money the government gets? And how does this happen?

Well most people aren’t aware of the credit they have until it’s all screwed up. And they’ve used it and don’t know these methods and why it’s important to keep scores in tact. And since the system runs off debt that we incur from the moment we’re born, then the more people who are on top of their business accounts the less leverage they hold. Citizens debt is like liquid currency adding up quickly and directly linked. So they have no real motive for sharing this powerful intel and there is no question that it is up to us to embrace this now all on our on.

Driving age

When a student reaches driving age and wants to buy a car, they’re immediately injected directly into the fast world of new finance. We would like for them to be properly equipped so they qualify here. Our Inquirers don’t want to muddle things up for future dreams they may envision. And they certainly want to have leverage when it comes to emergencies too, and other things now unforeseen that the future may hold that they may have to tend to. And these are all obvious reasons for critical care when approaching accounts.

Other major advantages of a high and healthy score set

Those with healthy credit enjoy and are privy to cheaper rates or “APR” a term all lenders use that you should make note of as well. These 3 letters stand for the “Annual Percentage Rate,” FYI, and this rate can be looked upon simply as a convenience fee that will be charged. Lenders charge it as the fee costs required to pay to give access to funds. This fee can vary, and for those with really good credit, believe it or not, some can enjoy a full 0% APR. These rates are exclusive. This is for those who are a lower credit risk lenders feel they can trust. It is great to be among this chosen few.

Something to note:

  • These rates can go as high as 30% on average for lending, but the lower this rate the better, so keep that in mind.

Another quick note:

  • It’s illegal in the USA to tack on extreme percentage rates unreasonable and excessively high to pay back. Know this is your right. Make sure and READ ALL OF YOUR CONTRACTS BEFORE SIGNING UP. That’s very important. This is something a judge might bring up if a conflict arose through a suit.

Found yourself lost in a vortex of ongoing debt among many accounts?


Some of us have simply lost track of the many accounts we’ve compiled? Are combined balances getting too high now to pay with new interest accrued? You can utilize debt consolidation companies when they are needed. Remember that they will also be at your disposal.

Another quick tip:

These companies can change your overall interest rates as well! They will combine your bills in their system, whereby you will pay ONE account monthly and one account ONLY instead of the bulk. The bulk of payments that you’d send floating out before. Plus, “refinancing” with a consolidation company MAKES PAYMENTS CHEAP. They can shave off a LARGE PERCENTAGE OF WHAT YOU HAD OWED!! Be wise with your funds.

Transparent Logo

When you’ve decreased the amount of interest, you’re now being smarter now with all your cash. As you’re paying “any” interest, it’s just money you’re giving away. Everything purchased before all your interest costs is the cost of your actual item. It’s better for you to pay dollar for dollar for things when you’re using your funds. And furthermore keeping all of the money now saved from all outgoing interest. You can now, from now on keep funds inside of YOUR bank as Dave Ramsey would say. He’s the renowned author of “The Total Money Makeover” book and he’d agree, I’m sure, that a penny saved is always a penny that’s earned; keep money, stay paid. Credit’s a tool that is really quite great, but use it wisely. When you do, then you can stay up ahead of the game. Use “dimensional thinking”.

# Credit. $$$


So wait a minute. What is credit anyway? What’s it for?

So a little clarification on the matter (if you came in late). Credit is money / assets given, up front without cash, for whatever reason. One may find they need a vehicle or a loan for an item they like. But it may cost more than they have in liquid funds (or money on hand). Lenders, or people with money who are there to help people in need will then evaluate something that’s known as a “Fico Score” with its credit reports. These are tools that lenders use to determine an applicants level of risk. It’s an official summary of what is seen as the financial reputation.

**Things that people commonly**

-purchase through using their-

“financing options” or using available credit:


Credit Education - I'll lead the way. High heeled business woman silhouette with long hair and skirt. Five Hidden Secrets For Making Great Credit consolidation of debt financial freedom


I’ve heard that checking your credit will also tarnish it & mess it up!?

This notion is partly a myth now sense with the tools we have listed it’s safe. You can check your credit as often as you like and with no repercussions. So it’s VERY beneficial to check on this monthly to make sure it’s good. It’s the best way to make sure regularly that everything’s as it should be. In addition to checking regularly to check that you’re still in good standing, it is good to just sign up to ALL of the services listed for updates as well. If there happens to be a change on your information then they’ll let you know. Correspondence comes through the email that you will sign up with.

Fun Facts in Conclusion:

There are many cards that you can choose from right now on the market but you should take heed. As there are some things that one should check out first when one’s making a choice. There are cards that are regular cards. You purchase things with them and you pay them back plus the interest that’s also attached. Then you also have cards with percentage rewards given back. These cards will be better. And of course the better your credit, the more extra benefits that you can find. For instance, for those that don’t have great credit, cards still do exist. However they may have an annual fee that’s attached to them also. They take this up front. Remember, sometimes it’s best to wait a moment or two before making submissions. That’s if you know that you’re now in the middle of fixing your charge accounts also. It can make a difference. Remember, credit is hard to raise but it goes VERY quickly. So keep this in mind, and know there’s ways that you can work this in your favor.

Massive Rewards & common sense

There are massive rewards for those who maintain their good credit and their financial reputation. No need to look far. As the writer of this article, know that I’m speaking about this first hand. Take for instance Rent-A-Center & Aarons for financing items desired. You pay insane amounts of interest when you purchase things with them up front. (If you go beyond their “90 Days, same as cash, that is of course). In this scenario I purchased a Samsung Note 4 for $900.00. Sense I took this purchase full term I spent nearly $2700.00 to complete the purchase I started through financing options. Common sense shows us that’s money to go in OUR pocket and not inside theirs. However if you are a person who just cannot wait and find you need your product, you may find yourself at the mercy and forced to just pay.

Keep good credit and make sure to zero in on these rewards. You know you deserve them.

.And Remember.


Are there such things as rewards programs

where no credit card will be needed?

Yes! No need to apply for a credit approval inside our next service. Get rewards without spending your money, and that’s everyday through your online tasks! If you’d like to know more about that, click here for more info. on Swagbucks to learn. Here we’ll show you just how this all works and you’ll start stacking cash as you start the account! We do hope you were empowered and wish you the best on your ongoing journey. We are invested in seeing you get to the very tip top!

Published February 29, 2020

Credit Education 101 - Study Time

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